Germany and the European Union are free countries,
in which everyone may live after their own fashion,
as long as they adhere to the laws and customs.
It is what sets us apart from other,
more barbaric forms of government
and we would like to keep it that way.
It took many decades for us to gain the privileges and freedoms
which we enjoy today.
Whoever seeks to undermine and change
those privileges and freedoms
in order to make them more suitable
for their own way of thinking,
is absolutely free to leave our country
in search of a more appropriate place to live.
No one is being kept here against their will,
however, deportation could be an issue for those
who do not adhere and/or respect our laws and customs.
Nobody begged you to come.
It was your plight that brought you to us
and we took you in as our guest.
Respect for the laws of our country should be self- evident.
Further, respect and adherence to our customs and manners
should be equally natural such as the considerate
and polite interaction with each other.
Politeness and consideration among each other
developed over many centuries.
It has proven itself to be practical and a good way to live together.
Although there are no laws to that effect,
it’s simply mutual respect for your fellow man.
The loudest voice does not earn respect.
In our country it is considered primitive and uncivilized.
No one wants to be around such a person.
Factual and intelligent arguments, however, are well understood,
respected and they can open doors for you.
Germany and the European Union is not interested in returning
to a society in which the loudest and most threatening person
gets to be the boss.
We want to live undisturbed.
Living undisturbed also very much includes
not to be bothered by attempts to convert us.
Perhaps this is not always known to people from other societies,
which is why openness and candor are necessary to educate and inform.
Whoever does not adhere to our laws and customs
and tries to bring laws and customs of their own country to us,
must be prepared for the question why one came to Germany, or the EU, if one wants to live like back home.
Furthermore, why one would want to bring these circumstances to us
which were the reason for their flight from the old country in the first place (Violence, Ignorance, Inconsideration, Recklessness,
Rule of force, Discrimination, Oppression, Fanaticism).
“Let’s Talk” is an attempt to explain some of our customs,
combined with the urgent plea
to head and follow our customs and laws.
It is the only way to achieve
a mutually advantageous and successful life together.